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Blackjack Table Hire

When it comes to hiring a casino table you will find that there are many different options open to you. We pride ourselves in offering a range of casino hire services so you can be sure that whatever you want there will be something to suit you. Blackjack table hire is ideal for those who aren’t used to a casino set up or for those who are arranging an event that needs to cater for a whole host of people. Blackjack is one of the easiest games to learn which is why it is ideal for any event – even if absolute beginners are going to be in attendance.

As part of our Blackjack table hire packages we provide you with a full size, professional style table. We want to help make your whole event special so we make sure that the tables we provide are to a casino standard complete with stools if required. The table is 6ft long and 3ft wide, set out in a semi circle just like you would expect in a casino set up. With red cloth and padded black surround the whole table is set out to impress and your guests will love it.

The game itself is easy to learn and our Blackjack croupier will be happy to explain any rules to anyone that is new, which helps to ensure that everyone who is attending your event can get stuck in and have a good time along with the rest of your guests. It doesn’t matter what type of event you are planning – whether it is a birthday party or a work event we’ll have the solutions to suit you. Our Blackjack table hire is set up to suit everyone, so whatever you are searching for get in touch and we’ll do our best to provide it!

Our Blackjack tables are full size 6ft x 3ft semi circular and free stand on their own mahogany legs. Guests stand around the padded curved front of the table with the croupier stood behind the table running the game. If you would like to hire our Blackjack table on its own or with other tables please do contact us for a competative quote!

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If you would like to hire our Blackjack table hire services, either on their own or with other tables please do contact us for a competative quote!

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