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Do you have Some Questions ?

Please read questions bellow and if you can not find your answer, please send us your question, we will answer you as soon as possible.


How do I go about booking?

We will simply need the date of your event, the tables you would like to book, your full postal address, the full postal address of your venue and the times you will require the tables. We will then send you over a booking form which you will need to check, sign and return to us. A scanned copy is absolutely fine.

How big are the tables?

Bearing in mind in addition to the actual table size the croupiers will need around 2ft behind the table to work in and then space to the front/sides of the tables for guests to gather around:

Roulette: 8ft x 4ft
Blackjack/Stud Poker: 6ft x 3ft
Craps/Dice: 6ft x 4ft
Texas Holdem: 8ft x 4ft

Do you provide fun money?

Fun money is basically fake $100 bill, we do include these. The fun money can be given out to guests to everyone starts the casino with the same amount. Guests can exchange their fun money at the tables for chips to play with. The reason we give out fun money and not chips is, if we gave out chips to all guests, there would be no chips left at the tables for croupiers to run the games with!

Can we sell the fun money to raise money?

Yes, absolutely. If you are collecting for a charity, you are welcome to sell the fun money, much in the same was you would raffle tickets. How much you sell the fun money for is totally up to you, but anywhere between £2 & £20 is common. Obviously if you have great prizes for the casino winners, you are likely to command a beter price for the fun money as guests will be keen to try and win the prizes!

Can we run the casino as a competition?

Yes, absolutely. By giving your guests the same amount of fun money, all will start with a level playing field. The guests can play for the evening, then at the end the croupiers will cash up and let you know who the winner/s are!

Do you include a prize in your price?

No, for the simple reason that clients expectations for prizes vary wildly event to event. Some clients are happy with a cheap plastic trophy, some a bottle of champange, but we have also seen LCD TV’s, Holidays, Signed premier league football shirts and lots of other prizes given away. With this in mind, it seems only sensible to let clients decide for themselves what the prize/s will be!

Do your casino tables come with croupiers?

Yes, all our standard tables packages comes with croupiers for up to 3 hours. It is possible to extend play time as required, please contact us for a quote for your specific requirements.

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