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Wheel of Fortune hire

If you would like to add some wow factor to you event, you should consider out Wheel of Fortune hire. The giant wheel lights up in multi coloured LED and will certainly draw a crowd. The wheels is made up of 7 different coloured sections, some colours appearing more often on the wheel than others, this is what creates the odds of each colour coming in! Sitting neatly infront of the Wheel of fortune is the gaming table that has the colours and odds shown, the table is used by the croupier to take the bets from players. Once all bets are in, the croupier will spin the iconic wheel and it will steadily slow down eventually landing on one of the colours, the croupier will then payout to anyone who bet on said colour!

Visually the Wheel of fortune really draws guests in and in terms of game play, it is perhaps the easiest of all the games to play, think of it as Roulette simplified further!

In addition the Wheel of fortune, or Prize Wheel as it is sometimes known, is also brilliant for having on a sales or promotional stand at events. We have hired our Wheel of fortune to a whole range of events including farm machinery shows, gaming shows, jewelery promotional nights and much more.

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