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How to Organise a Las Vegas Themed Casino Night Party

If you are planning to throw a party and want to spice it up a little, you can organize the party themed Las Vegas casino night. What can be more entertaining than the atmosphere of one of the nation’s biggest tourist attractions? When you hear the name Las Vegas, you think of fun, excitement and thrill. Just the name alone can fill enthusiasm in people. Who wouldn’t want to attend a Las Vegas casino party night? Gambling has been in the limelight for ages, and people like to engage in a little gambling once in a while.

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A party that is themed Las Vegas casino night can definitely be a hit. It has it all, entertainment, adventure, drinks and food. It can be a birthday party, a surprise 25th wedding anniversary party or pre marriage bash, a party based on Las Vegas can be enjoyed. Here are some aspects to take care of while arranging a Las Vegas casino party night:

Work Out Your Budget

The first thing you should do is allot a budget for the party. Now according to the amount that you can spend, chalk out all the expenditure. A lot of time will be needed to plan a Las Vegas casino themed party. Make 3 categories of expenses, food and drinks, look and feel, and casino games.

Work on the Look and Feel of Vegas

For your party, you can arrange backdrops of famous hotels and casinos in Las Vegas, and may be add a few showgirl posters. Or you could use a few posters of superstars and Vegas routes to keep with the theme. Music and lights also play a crucial role in making the place look like Las Vegas. Traditional red carpets will enhance the look even more. You can work out the decorations according to the size of the venue. Your main aim will be to make it look as glamorous as possible using the available space. If there is room for a disco stage at the venue, add it to the list of attractions.

Choose Casino Games

Games are should be taken care of while arranging a Las Vegas casino party night. You will need a lot of space to arrange different tables and games at the venue. Some of the games you can have at your party are roulette, poker, baccarat, blackjack and craps. Arrange chips for these games to make the players feel they are at a real casino.

Photo Credit: Flickr Photo by Dominics Pics

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